Welcome to Sogo. This is our first post. We hope you enjoy watching the beginning of something new.  The travel industry has changed.  Right before our eyes, in our 29 year old main office off of Leesburg Pike.  There was so much happening at the time, particularly in that area. Almost a surge of a city-like energy in that specific economy. Sometimes, in the office, we would kid about how we can determine the economy just by looking out the window on route 7.  Ups and downs, businesses came and went.  The time of our 06-08 US collapse came along, also came along the struggles of a small business trying to survive, let alone succeed.  We had to let people go, we had to give up any square foot of space we had to save for rent.  But we knew, as long as you do the job right, work hard and be the best, friendliest and honest company through these times, then we may be able to keep it together.  And so we did.  For our regulars and long term clients who have been with us for over 25 years we want to thank you for everything and always. For our newcomers, we welcome you to a company that sees the change within our love for travel. The change in how we travel. The change in why we travel.  In the end,  we want you to feel right about using Sogo. Like how it’s always been for 29 years.


Sogo is a subsidiary of Reynco Associates Inc.