Pubs with History: 7 of Dublin’s Most Storied Drinking Dens

- August 10, 2023

Dublin Pubs

Dublin is steeped in history, and its pubs are no exception. Many of the city’s drinking establishments have a rich heritage, with stories that date back centuries. Here are seven of Dublin’s most storied drinking dens:

  1. The Brazen Head: Established in 1198, The Brazen Head is often considered the oldest pub in Ireland. It’s a place where literary giants like James Joyce and Brendan Behan were known to frequent. The pub exudes a cozy, traditional atmosphere and offers live music.
  2. The Temple Bar: Located in the lively Temple Bar district, this pub is a hub of artistic and cultural activity. It’s known for its lively atmosphere and traditional Irish music sessions.
  3. The Palace Bar: Situated near Dublin Castle, The Palace Bar has been a favorite among writers and journalists for over a century. It retains its Victorian decor and is a quiet and refined place for a drink.
  4. The Long Hall: This Victorian-era pub is renowned for its ornate and beautifully preserved interior. It’s often referred to as one of the most attractive and historic bars in Dublin.
  5. Mulligan’s: Established in 1782, Mulligan’s is famous for its association with literature and the arts. Writers like James Joyce and Brendan Behan were known to frequent this historic pub.
  6. Davy Byrnes: Mentioned in James Joyce’s “Ulysses,” Davy Byrnes has been a part of Dublin’s history since the late 19th century. It’s an elegant establishment with a literary connection.
  7. John Kavanagh (The Gravediggers): Located near Glasnevin Cemetery, The Gravediggers is a historic and unassuming pub that has been serving Dubliners for over 180 years. Its unique nickname comes from its proximity to the cemetery.

These pubs not only offer a wide range of traditional and contemporary drinks but also provide a unique glimpse into Dublin’s rich cultural and literary history. Visiting these storied drinking dens is a journey back in time, allowing you to soak in the ambiance of centuries of tradition and storytelling.

Plant based in Ireland

While Dublin is the largest city in Ireland and has a significant number of vegan and plant-based dining options, several other cities and locations across Ireland are also gaining popularity for their vegan food scenes. Here are some specific cities and regions in Ireland known for offering excellent vegan foods:

  1. Dublin: As the capital city, Dublin boasts a wide variety of vegan and plant-based dining options, from traditional Irish pubs serving vegan Irish stew to international restaurants with diverse vegan menus.
  2. Cork: Cork is another major city with a growing vegan food scene. You can find vegan cafes, restaurants, and even vegan food festivals in the city.
  3. Galway: Galway, on the west coast of Ireland, offers a range of vegan-friendly restaurants, particularly around the city center. Vegan options are also available at the city’s food markets.
  4. Belfast: In Northern Ireland, Belfast is known for its vegan food scene, with a variety of restaurants, cafes, and bakeries offering plant-based options.
  5. Limerick: Limerick, in the southwest of Ireland, has seen an increase in vegan dining options. Many cafes and restaurants in the city offer vegan dishes.
  6. Derry: In Northern Ireland, Derry has a budding vegan scene, with vegan restaurants and options available in the city center.
  7. Kinsale: This picturesque town on the southern coast of Ireland is known for its seafood, but it also offers vegan dining options, including vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes.
  8. Sligo: In the northwest of Ireland, Sligo has a few vegan-friendly establishments serving plant-based dishes.
  9. Ennis: Located in County Clare, Ennis has a handful of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes.
  10. Killarney: This popular tourist destination in County Kerry has a selection of vegan dining options, particularly in the town center.
  11. Westport: Westport, in County Mayo, has a growing vegan food scene with several restaurants and cafes offering plant-based choices.
  12. Kilkenny: The medieval city of Kilkenny has seen an increase in vegan options, with some restaurants and cafes catering to plant-based diets.

Remember that while larger cities tend to have more extensive vegan food scenes, you can often find vegan options in smaller towns and regions as well. As the demand for vegan and plant-based foods continues to grow, more locations across Ireland are adapting to offer vegan-friendly choices, making it easier for vegans to explore the country’s culinary delights.

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